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Are you looking for a new position in the pharmaceutical or biotech industries? Would it be helpful to have the inside track on current opportunities? Do you want to work with a specialist company which focuses on candidates as well as clients?

Harten Group specialises in senior medical, scientific and commercial roles and board level appointments in such areas as medical affairs, pharmacovigilance, business development and research and development.

Our objective is to achieve an excellent match between the clients' needs and the candidates' expectations; by ensuring they are ‘a good fit’ (we never try to ‘shoe horn’ candidates into roles). To that end our consultants always take a full brief from the client before starting any search - covering the role and person specification, scope of responsibility, organisational context and company culture. Only candidates who closely match the brief are put forward, thereby avoiding wasting your and the client's time.

Thoughout you will be treated with respect, consideration and the highest degree of confidentiality. We believe that dealing with candidates sympathetically and professionally leaves them better informed and prepared for a role in the pharmaceutical industry.

To register, send an email to recruitment@hartengroup.co.uk stating the position that interests you, if you have seen one that we are running, or the sort of position you are seeking, if you are not responding to an assignment promoted by us.

Harten Group helped me to find my current post and I can’t recommend their service too highly. What I particularly appreciated was their grasp not only of the job specification but also the company culture and the type of person who would fit into the existing team. Twelve months on I am very happy in my role and enjoying it.

PV Director