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Harten Group Reward Scheme

Harten Group values you, the consultant. We recognise your importance in creating opportunities for us with client organisations and would like to reward you whenever you do so.

We have therefore established a Reward Scheme based on a points system whereby certain actions on your part earn a set number of points which are banked by us. After 300 points have been accumulated within a two-year period, they can be exchanged for a Reward of your choice. Please note that such Rewards may be taxable.

Reward points can be exchanged for experiences such as a flying lesson, a hot air balloon ride, or an evening enjoying the Arts in your local area. Alternatively, you may prefer to use fewer points to treat yourself to items such as a case of wine, a selection of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, all courtesy of Harten Group's Reward Scheme.

Refer a friend!

Harten Group is offering you the chance to earn extra Reward points. If you refer a friend or colleague who registers with us as a consultant, then we will credit you with 100 Reward points. Do make sure your colleague mentions you when they contact us. Please contact Tessa Smith at Harten Group if you have any questions regarding the Reward Scheme or would like to see a copy of the full terms and conditions.

Harten Group Reward Scheme - Recognising your commitment to Success


Harten Group helped me to find my current post and I can’t recommend their service too highly. What I particularly appreciated was their grasp not only of the job specification but also the company culture and the type of person who would fit into the existing team. Twelve months on I am very happy in my role and enjoying it.

PV Director