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What are the benefits of using you, as opposed to going directly to consultants we know?
We understand the industry, ‘speak your language’ and will be able to define quickly what combination of skills and experience you need and crucially what type of person will complement your in-house team. With an extensive network of high calibre consultants, we can quickly provide a qualified shortlist for consideration. We also deal with the administration and fee negotiation, as well as provide ongoing support throughout the project.
How many consultants and what range of skills are in your network?
Our 2000-strong network covers most functions employed within the biotech and pharma industries. Our core expertise is in the broad area of developing new medicines (as shown in the Business Profile chart) with the strongest focus on medical and clinical development functions, followed by Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs.
How do you qualify consultants in your network?
We have worked with many of our consultants over a number of years so we know them well and are familiar with their strengths in terms of skills and experience. Often we have placed them on multiple assignments.
Is it more expensive to use an interim or employ someone full-time?
Superficially, when one merely grosses up a day rate, interims look to be an expensive resource. However, they are only paid for the days they work (i.e. holidays and sickness are unpaid) and do not need to be involved in internal meetings or training days. Also their costs are straightforward in that there are no additional elements such as performance related bonuses, NI and pension contributions. Finally their recruitment & departure/dismissal is far less management time-intensive than for a permanent employee. The intangible benefits are they can be used more flexibly, for example to produce a specific specialist piece of work.
Beyond finding suitable interim assignments, what additional support services does Harten Group offer to consultants?
We offer advice to consultants on how to set themselves up as sole traders or incorporation as limited companies, including HMRC rules on self-employment. In the unlikely event of difficulties occurring, we offer impartial mediation and we can provide confidential advice if consultants have any concerns about the assignment or client organisation - on occasion, we have advised consultants on how to handle ethical issues.
Who actually ‘employs’ the interim in the legal sense?
Your contractual relationship is with Harten Group, not the consultant. We have a back-to-back reciprocal agreement with the consultant.