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Interesting reading

Here's a selection of books that you may find interesting which are relevant to our industry, the wider economic environment and understanding behaviour, both our own and other people's:

"Bad Science" (2009) Ben Goldacre

"The Independent"'s Book of the Year, a collection of expanded articles from his Guardian column exposing how science is misused or simply ignored in homeopathy, press releases, HIV-AIDS in South Africa. Both entertaining & educational.

"Science: A 4000 year history" (2009) Patricia Fara

Highly readable account of the development of scientific thinking from the Babylonians to the present day.

"The Storm: The World Economic Crisis and What it Means"(2009) Vince Cable

Intelligible explanation of what happened to the financial markets in the last quarter of 2008. Has the benefit of being relatively short & written by a highly credible commentator.

"The Black Swan" (2008) Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Book which became highly topical in the latter half of 2008 as it deals with the occurrence of wildly unexpected events.

"Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me)" (2008) Carol Tavris

Fascinating book about "cognitive dissonance", how we are all able to rationalise holding contradictory viewpoints simultaneousy. Empirically based on an astonishing range of psychological tests, conducted over many years in differnt contexts.

If you have any recommendations for recent business or life science books that you feel might be of interest to our clients or consultants, please email your suggestions to tne@hartengroup.co.uk